ints vs. pointers

Geoff Kuenning geoff at desint.UUCP
Tue Nov 13 17:58:22 AEST 1984

In article <80 at physiol.OZ> john at physiol.OZ (John Mackin) writes:
>	If two pointers of the same type are subtracted, the result is con-
>	verted (by division by the length of the object) to an int representing
>	the number of objects separating the pointed-to objects.
>This is clearly not necessarily possible if you have (say) 32-bit pointers
>(with ALL 32 bits being address) and 16-bit ints.

Nawww.  The above discussion in K&R is talking about two pointers to
similar objects in the same array.  So all you have to do is limit array
sizes to 65K.  (Actually, 65K * sizeof (object)).

Ridiculous, you say?  Only Bozo the Clown would design such a machine, you say?
I agree.

The preceding message was brought to you by Intel Corporation. :-)

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