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Hear, hear!  I've said for a long time to anyone who would listen 
(hold still!  It's for your own good)  that all any REAL programmer 
needs are <,>, * and 0.  That is, move tape right, move tape left, write mark
and erase mark.  Presto!  Church's thesis tells us this will suffice for
ALL computation!  Talk about RISC!  Watch out Berkeley.

Excuse me, the doctor says it's time for my electro-shock.....

Berry Kercheval		Zehntel Inc.	(ihnp4!zehntel!zinfandel!berry)
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Then there's the other end of the scale, the Super CISC machine. The
instruction is "SUBAB	a, b, next". It subtracts the contents of location
b from the contents of location a, results go back into a, and if the
result is zero, branch to next instead of executing the next instruction.

This is computationally sufficient, and a pipelined implementation will run
at 1 instruction per clock tick. My version used 60 bit words, each word
having 3 20 bit addresses when used as an instruction.  Talk about fast!

Now, where did I leave my add macro?


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