Standardization questions --

David Herron david at ukma.UUCP
Thu Nov 8 06:25:23 AEST 1984

> A solution to this problem is suggested by the comment style of Ada, which
> is that portions of lines beginning with '--' are ignored.  Since
> this would be rather unacceptable in C, and we want the preprocessor to
> handle it, the rule that leaps to mind is:
>     Lines or portions of lines beginning with '##' are ignored, except
>     within single or double quotes, or within the /* other kind of */ comment.
>     This rule applies even if the remainder of the line contains '/*'.

The comment style is the only thing out of Ada I like.  I would
go for that kind of comment style in C too.  The /* other kind of */
comment is d*mn inconvenient sometimes too.

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