Standard extensions (logical exclusive or)

Berry Kercheval berry at zinfandel.UUCP
Sat Nov 17 02:50:21 AEST 1984

In article <1799 at burdvax.UUCP> coltoff at burdvax.UUCP (Joel Coltoff) writes:

>	What is at issue here is not if the ^^ is really needed. Anyone with
>half a brain knows that it isn't.
>...lets get rid of &&. Afterall ( a && b ) can be done by ( !( !a || !b ) )
>How about getting rid of the minus operator. All we have to do is complement
>and add.

Hear, hear!  I've said for a long time to anyone who would listen 
(hold still!  It's for your own good)  that all any REAL programmer 
needs are <,>, * and 0.  That is, move tape right, move tape left, write mark
and erase mark.  Presto!  Church's thesis tells us this will suffice for
ALL computation!  Talk about RISC!  Watch out Berkeley.

Excuse me, the doctor says it's time for my electro-shock.....

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