Must a NULL pointer be a 0 bit patte

Ron Natalie <ron> ron at brl-tgr.ARPA
Tue Nov 6 04:01:34 AEST 1984

> >/* Written 12:37 pm  Oct 22, 1984 by ron at brl-tgr in ISM780B:net.lang.c */
> >> It seems to me that K&R guarantees that globals are initialized to zero,
> >> not to a nil pointer.  A lot of code will bite the dust given a machine
> >> with a non-zero nil pointer.
> >>
> >> -- Jim Balter, INTERACTIVE Systems (ima!jim)
> >
> >BUT that still doesn't make it legal to 0-> something.
> >
> >-Ron
> I just love those non-sequiturs.  In case you hadn't noticed, *this*
> discussion is about whether NULL can be non-zero.
The reason it appeared to be non-sequitur was because you left out the
rest of the context.  Your comment was a direct reply to another letter
and the topic of conversation was can I use &0->element to find out the
byte offset of element in the structure.


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