Breaking out of several nested l

Brandon Allbery bsa at ncoast.UUCP
Thu Nov 1 04:48:30 AEST 1984

> Article <7200001 at hpdsa.UUCP>, from decot at hpdsa.UUCP (decot)
| If you have several nested loops, put the one you want out of (and everything
| within) into a new function, and use "return" to get out.  It will probably
| be clearer to the reader, too.
| Dave Decot  hpda!decot

I hate to tell you, but some of us have to program in the real world.
I've found that for myself and most people I know, the use of C functions
is to mark the ``main'' working components of the program, and using
them to ``modularize'' loop bodies can become even more unreadable than
totally unstructured programming (you can't easily tell that the function
is a loop body).

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