PCC bugs

Doug Gwyn <gwyn> gwyn at brl-tgr.ARPA
Fri Nov 2 14:23:11 AEST 1984

> What I would ask is that we forget about this type of "contest" and
> concentrate on finding and fixing bugs. I applaud Don's activities on the
> f77 compiler and would be more than happy to see him set up something
> similar to it for pcc. I would like to see all types of bugs reported,
> not just "core dumpers".

Right, let's try to fix PCC bugs.  It would be a pity to start with the
UNIX/32V or USG 3.0 PCC (whatever it is that 4.2BSD comes with), since
I have found that later releases of PCC have had major portions
rewritten to fix bugs.  Starting with the latest release would seem to
be the most productive approach.

Speaking of which, can anyone predict whether PCC2 is going to supplant
PCC in the near future?  Last I heard, it was considerably slower than
PCC so maybe PCC will be around for a while.

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