C needs 64-bit integers

Gordon A. Moffett gam at amdahl.UUCP
Tue Nov 13 16:40:54 AEST 1984

> > If you really want to add a new data type to 'C' then 'veryLong' (i.e.
> > 64bit integers) might be a lot more useful than 'bcd'.
> I think that a veryLong data type would be a good addition to C.  I don't
> understand where the idea that 32 bits is enough came from anyway.  Perhaps
> it is a leftover from the days when memory was so expensive that using up
> more than 32 bits for an integer was prohibitively expensive.

Amdahl's UTS has 64-bit integers and they are of type 'long long'
(clever, eh?).  Long long constants are specified by the suffix
'LL'.  All the arithmetic operators can be used on long longs.

It would be real nice if this were the adopted standard for 64-bit
integers, as we are very proud of our long longs.  (John, are you
listening?  Jim, are you out there?).
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