ints vs. pointers and standardization of include files

Kevin Martin kpmartin at watmath.UUCP
Sun Nov 18 06:02:43 AEST 1984

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Organization: U of Waterloo, Ontario

Perhaps one of the standard include files (I don't know which one) should
define certain implementation-dependant types, like:

The integral type which is the result of subtracting two pointers.

The integral type into which a pointer can be cast with no loss of

The integral type which can contain any valid subscript (This may be the
    same as the first type).

This file should also be the one which defines NULL. This allows the programmer
to get NULL defined without dragging in stdio.h or defining it himself.

While we're at it, how about a manifest name for the number of bits in a byte?

(Personally, I wish NULL were a keyword, or pre-defined constant identifier,
or something like that, but that seems out of the question)
            Kevin Martin, UofW Software Development Group

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