Case distinction in var names

Gino Bloch gino at voder.UUCP
Sat Nov 3 11:52:37 AEST 1984

        [EAT eat EAT eat EAT eat EAT eat EAT eat EAT eat EAT]

> I am against case distinction in variable names because people are
> taught while they learn to read English that capitalization is a matter
> of style, not a matter of content (yes, there are places in English
> where capitalization can be construed to change the meaning, but
> darned few).  I continually find, when reading C code, that I have
> ignored the case of variable names, and have to go back and check to
> see if the things I've been thinking were the same, really are.
> 			-- David Dyer-Bennet
> 			-- ...decwrl!dec-rhea!dec-mrvax!ddb

1. C is not English
2. This is an automatic way to break LOTS (also lots) of code
Gene E. Bloch (...!nsc!voder!gino)

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