Breaking out - the ratfor approach

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Tue Nov 6 04:41:00 AEST 1984

/***** down:net.lang.c / desint!geoff / 11:02 pm  Nov  4, 1984*/
...  Um, oops.  I must be getting senile.  As Peter Honeyman also
pointed out, what Dijkstra was actually saying was that the
unrestricted USE of GOTO's made programs less optimizable.  ...
/* ---------- */

i never said any such thing!  (the *only* circumstances under which i
cite dijkstra are those that require generalization from a single
example.)  i *did* say that even programs that use goto's are (almost
always) reducible (er, flow-graph-wise -- ref. knuth, brenda baker) --
this observation seems to have gotten twisted around in the translation.

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