a use for &LABEL

djm at nmtvax.UUCP djm at nmtvax.UUCP
Thu Sep 27 16:14:54 AEST 1984

[here, have a nice salad, bug]

	I can think of one use for &LABEL, having run into it recently.
The situation is that I need to set a hardware interrupt vector to
enter into the middle of a function.  Now, the obvious thing to do is

A) create a new function (weird overheads on my micro preclude this)
B) vector = &placetogo

Am I missing something, or is this a legitimate situation?  (Actually,
it IS a legit problem, is there some other solution?)

My system is an Apple w/ the Manx C compiler.  I admit I haven't read
all of the manual yet, but I haven't seen anything that applied.
	Dieter Muller
	{lanl | unmvax}!nmtvax!djm

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