storage class "private"

Roger Hayes rogerh at arizona.UUCP
Sun Sep 30 06:37:54 AEST 1984

(In reference to Guy Harris' contention that a C compiler can't prohibit you
from taking the address of a variable declared "private")

A C compiler most certainly can!  Try taking the address of a register

I like the idea of class private -- it does add to the set of possible
optimizations.  Is there a cleaner way to do it?  I suppose that the
compiler could collect information about aliasing, but that isn't in
general computable.  

Why, oh why, don't C compilers optimize?  I am tired of hacking source
in order to get the code I know I want -- the technology certainly
exists to let the compiler do most of that work for me.  An example 
is using a pointer variable instead of array indexing in a 'for' loop --
for maximum efficiency, I have to write:
	{ struct foo *foop = fooarr;
	  for (i=0, i < FOOMAX; i++)
instead of what I mean:
	for (i=0; i < FOOMAX; i++)

On another issue, I like the recent sugggestion that, in macro expansion,
the formals should have a special status.  The formals should be string-
expanded (ie, whether inside quotes or not); other macros should not.

	Roger Hayes
	University of Arizona, Dept of Computer Science
	rogerh at Arizona.CSNET
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