Freezing 68020 Cache

John Gilmore gnu at sun.uucp
Tue Sep 25 14:55:35 AEST 1984

Actually I had assumed that the passage about "emulator functions"
was talking about other-machine emulators.  I once wrote the basic structure
of a program that would emulate the IBM 370 on a 68000 -- the slowdown
was about 20:1 (i.e. it took 20 68000 instructions to fetch, decode, and
execute the average 370 instruction).  If you could freeze the inner loop
of this into the 68020 cache you might get a much better performance ratio.

Kinda like 1401 emulator mode on 370's, those dinosaurs just won't die.

If anybody wants a copy of the 3-page very rough paper on the 370 emulator,
send me mail.

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