Doesn't *anybody* use lint?

Larry Philps larry at utecfa.UUCP
Tue Sep 18 02:09:20 AEST 1984

> How do you create the human-readable versions of the lint libraries that
> are created via the -C option in lint? The system lint libraries (like
> llib-lc.ln) have theirs, how do I create my own?

You don't create human-readable one from binary, but rather create
the binaries from human readable definitions.  The correct method for
making the libraries is:

	1)  Set up a llib-lx (x is the library name) file
	    with the same format as is found in /usr/lib/lib/llib-lc.
	    This is includes the lint comments such as /*LINTLIBRARY*/

	2)  Run the command:
	    /lib/cpp -C -Dlint llib-lx | /usr/lib/lint/lint1 -v > llib-lx.ln

The desired binary file will then be in place when you run
	    lint file.c -lx
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