C pre-processor and ANSI standard

warren warren at tikal.UUCP
Tue Sep 18 14:07:18 AEST 1984

[There are no bugs...]

	I add my applause to the "const" declaration.  Most useful for ROM
	based applications.  If the compiler and linker can know to put const
	data in rom then much space can be saved.   Also duplicate 
	instances of the same constant can be co-resident, another saving.

	I also applaud the idea of "inline" functions, but feel that
	a programmer should be able to PREVENT taking the address of a function
	without having to make it an inline function (e.g. macro).  Scope is
	a better protection than funny names.  e.g 
	#define macro(arg) {short _j___k__ ; ... }

	Defined constants are necessary for large system.  Do not delete the
	existing features.


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