Do you use bit fields? ( K&R p. 137-8 )

stassen at trwspp.UUCP stassen at trwspp.UUCP
Tue Sep 11 07:10:39 AEST 1984


	I just stumbled across bit fields in K & R.  I've seen a lot
of C code, and written a lot as well, but have never seen these used.
It seems to be a useful feature of the language, yet there *must* be
some good reason for not using bit fields...
	So, if you have the time, I would appreciate a note containing
the answers to a short "survey" on bit fields.  If there is enough
interest, I will post the results - otherwise, I will mail results to
anybody who asks for a copy.

	(1) Have you used bit fields?
		(a) Why or why not?
		(b) (If Yes) What have you used them for?
	(2) Where have you seen them used (in someone else's code)?

	Thanks for your time if you take it.  If you want to flame me,
please do so via private mail.
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