Master listing of predefined CPP symbols

John Rogers jr at foros1.UUCP
Sat Sep 22 13:55:10 AEST 1984

Hi.  As promised (a *long* time ago), here's my updated list of
predefined CPP symbols, which are generally used to allow machine
and/or operating system specific code to be #ifdef'ed.  Very few of
these are actually documented anywhere; the purpose of this list is to
try to take some of the "folklore" and make the information available
to everyone.  The data here is collected from a number of sources;
please see the "acknowledgements" list at the end of this article.  I
don't have any data on anything earlier than V7.


name		description				availability
--------------	--------------------------------------	-----------------------
__DATE__	date of compilation			Decus C
__FILE__	current source file name		most CPP's
__LINE__	line number within current source file	most CPP's
__PAGE__	page number within source		Data General C's
AOSVS		Data General AOS/VS operating system	Data General C's
aosvs		Data General AOS/VS operating system	Data General C's
cpm		CP/M operating system			"p" in Dr. Dobbs Jul-84
DATAGENERAL	Data General hardware			Data General C's
datageneral	Data General hardware			Data General C's
decus		Decus C (PDP-11 - RSX & RT-11)		Decus C
DGUX		Data General UNIX (DG/UX)		DG/UX
dgux		Data General UNIX (DG/UX)		DG/UX
gcos		Honeywell 6000 GCOS op.sys.		AT&T C compilers?
ibm		IBM (and Amdahl?) mainframes		AT&T C compilers?
interdata	Interdata 8/32				AT&T C compilers?
hp9000s200	Hewlitt Packard 9000			HP-UX
hp9000s500	Hewlitt Packard 9000			HP-UX
kl10		DEC-20 KL10 processor			U.Utah PCC?
lint		UNIX's lint				most UNIXes
m68000		Motorola M68000 family			CCI's 68000
m68k		Motorola M68000 family			Motorola SysV port
mbb ????	BBN C70					BBN UNIX?
mc68000		Motorola MC68000			Sun Microsystems,
							  Fortune, other ports
mert		Multi-Executive Real Time??		AT&T C compilers?
nomacarg	CPP doesn't support macro args		Decus C
ON_SEL		Gould Concept 32 (obsolete OS?)		?
orion		ORION supermicro (4.1c BSD)		ORION UNIX
os		IBM's OS/360 and /370			AT&T C compilers?
PDP11		DEC's PDP-11 minicomputers		UNIX V7
pdp11		DEC's PDP-11 minicomputers		BTL C/UNIX, Decus C for
							  RSX and RT-11, early
							  Plexus ports?
PWB		Programmer's Workbench			PWB/UNIX
RES		Bell Labs' Comp. Sci. Research Group?	AT&T UNIX
rsx		DEC's RSX operating system on PDP-11	Decus C for RSX
RT		UNIX/RT	(real time)			UNIX/RT
sel		Gould Concept 32			?
selport		Gould Concept 32			?
sun		SUN Microsystems			?
TM_DPS6		target machine is Honeywell DPS 6	Waterloo compilers
TM_L66		target machine is Honeywell Level 66	Waterloo compilers
tops20		TOPS-20 operating system for DEC-20	U.Utah PCC?
TS		UNIX/TS (timesharing system)		AT&T
TS_GCOS		target system is Honeywell GCOS 8	Waterloo compilers
TS_MOD400	target system is Honeywell GCOS 6 mod 400  Waterloo compilers
tss		IBM's Time Sharing System (for 360/370)	AT&T?
u370		UNIX on IBM/370?			AT&T
u3b		UNIX on AT&T 3B-20			AT&T
u3b2		UNIX on AT&T 3B-2			AT&T
u3b5		UNIX on AT&T 3B-5			AT&T
univac		Univac/1100 UNIX			AT&T?
unix		The you-know-what operating system	most UNIX's
vax		DEC VAX-11 minicomputers (UNIX or VMS)	UNIX, VAX-11 C, some
							  early Unisoft 68k's
vax11c		DEC's VAX-11 C compiler			VAX-11 C
vms		DEC's VMS operating system for VAXen	VAX-11 C
z8000		Zilog Z8000				Zilog C compiler?


name		description
--------------	---------------------------------------------------------------
ccpm86		Concurrent CP/M-86
cpm68k		CP/M-68K
cpm80		CP/M-80
cpm86		CP/M-86
gnu		Stallman's (sp?) GNU (GNU's Not Unix)
i8080		Intel 8080-compatible: 8080, 8085, Z80
i8086		Intel 8086 and 8088 processors
i80186		Intel 80186 and friends
i80286		Intel 80286 and friends
mc68008		Motorola MC68008 processor
mc68010		Motorola MC68010 processor
mc68020		Motorola MC68020 processor
mpm		MP/M
msdos		Microsoft's MS-DOS operating system
pcdos		IBM and/or Microsoft's PC-DOS operating system
xinu		Purdue's XINU (Xinu Is Not Unix)
z80		Zilog Z80
z800		Zilog Z800, if they ever ship any

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  The data in the list is from the one in Steve Bourne's
"The UNIX System", and from Usenet articles and/or mail messages from
the people listed below.  If you mailed me something and don't see your
name listed, then the mail got lost (so please resend it).

	DBrown at HI-MULTICS.ARPA, Mike Brzustowicz <mab at aids-unix.ARPA>,
	John Gilmore <gnu at sun.UUCP>, Bob Gray <bob at hwcs.UUCP>, Tony
	Hansen <hansen at pegasus.UUCP>, Guy Harris <guy at rlgvax.UUCP>, Bob
	Larson <BLARSON at USC-ECLB.ARPA>, J Lepreau <j at utah-cs.UUCP>,
	Michael Meissner <mrm at datagen.UUCP>, Martin Minow
	<minow at decvax.UUCP>, Craig Partridge <craig at loki.UUCP>, John
	Rogers <jr at foros1.UUCP>, George Rosenberg <george at idis.UUCP>,
	Donn Terry <donn at hp-dcd.UUCP>, Tom Truscott <trt at rti-sel.UUCP>,
	Mike Zaleski <mzal at pegasus.UUCP>

I plan to maintain this list, so if anyone has any additions or corrections,
please send them to me at:

	UUCP:	{ihnp4,cbosgd,harpo,dual,amd}!fortune!foros1!jr
	ARPANET: hpda!fortune!foros1!jr at Berkeley  (untested)
	ENET:	RHEA::DECWRL::"amd!fortune!foros1!jr" (untested)

				Happy hacking!
				JR (John Rogers)
				also fortune!jr and proper!jr

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