aesthetics of C, and the ANSI standard

The WITNESS bsa at ncoast.UUCP
Thu Sep 6 03:09:44 AEST 1984

[gollum :-)]

> From: chip at t4test.UUCP (Chip Rosenthal)

> >It *does* confuse the compiler. You can take the address of a label
> >using "&foo".
> > By the way, is there anything useful you can do with this feature?
> >Use it as a function address? Assigned goto's??? Something else?????

> Sure you can!  You can write programs which have self modifying
> code!!

I've already done that, WITHOUT using labels:

char *myptr, myarray[5];

gobble() {
	myarray[50] = 0x0;

which is usually good for a core dump :-)


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