AT&T 7300 C compiler/ variable name lengths (general)

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Wed Apr 10 04:26:43 AEST 1985

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	There usually is a difference between what the C compiler accepts
as names and what the ASSEMBLER accepts as names.  In general I have found
that using only 7 character names is safest, ie. guarantees uniqness. Yes,
C is supposed to accept variable names with more that 8 chars, but the
assembler may not. For example, try two defining two variables names that
match for the first 7 chars but differ in the 8th, and compiling it. I have
found that the C compiler has no trouble with this but the assembler
prepends an underscore and truncates to 8 chars (so now the variable names
match), which of course causes 'compile' errors.

	I should mention that the above pertains to C compilers in general.

	Personally, I would stick to a maximum of 7 chars for a variable
name. I find long names very annoying and subject to typos. Yes this means
more cryptic names, but the solution is to put COMMENTS in your C code
(mini-flame: most C programs have extremely little in the way of comments).
In addition, shorter names will improve portability.

				R. Kevin Laux
				Software Vendor Tech Support
				ATTIS, Lincroft

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