"Vectorizing C compiler for the Cray"

Dave Nelson daven at lll-crg.ARPA
Wed Apr 10 02:12:57 AEST 1985

> brooks at lll-crg.ARPA (Eugene D. Brooks III) writes:
> A committee ... is implementing the full C language with one minor
> modification.  In order to have compatibility with Fortran all subroutine
> parameters will be passed by address.

As a consultant to the above committee, I should mention that, in fact,
TWO minor modifications to standard C semantics were proposed:  the
one Dr. Brooks mentioned (I just can't see how people can get so steamed
up over such a slight modification), and another that will simplify our
program conversion process IMMENSELY:  we are adding "equivalence" as a
valid storage class.

Still a few details to be worked out, though, before we propose it to
the C standards committee.

D. O. Nelson
(daven at lll-crg)

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