condition convention 'if (10 == j)...'

Peter S. Shenkin peters at cubsvax.UUCP
Tue Apr 30 13:44:14 AEST 1985

In article <> oacb2 at ut-ngp.UUCP writes:
>> Just that instead of writing, in the traditional manner,
>>	if(pc=malloc(nbytes)==NULL)...
>> you have to insert extra parens if you use the other form:
>>	if(NULL==(pc=malloc(nbytes)))..
>Huh???  The first sets pc to 0 or 1 depending on whether the result of
>malloc is or is not NULL.  The second sets pc to the result of malloc.
>	Mike Rubenstein, OACB, UT Medical Branch, Galveston TX 77550

As the contributor of this chestnut ( marked >> ), I acknowledge the egg
on my face.  Guess that's not why I stopped using "if(CONST==var)..." after
all (At least I hope not!   :-)     ).     -P. Shenkin

(And also thanks to those who pointed out my error via mail.)

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