Un-alignment in structures

Eric C. Brown brownc at utah-cs.UUCP
Sun Apr 7 06:41:01 AEST 1985

In article <173 at geowhiz.UUCP> karsh at geowhiz.UUCP (Bruce Karsh) writes:
>>> If you have to remove one millisecond from a tight loop that has to run
>>> in 50 milliseconds, you really should use assembly.
>> If you can possibly do it in assembly then an optimizing compiler that
>> generates good code can do it just as fast and you gain portability.
>  Can somebody *PROVE* this.  I don't think it's true.  I think a better
>statement would be that an optimizing compiler *might* be able to generate
>code that is as fast.  (And then again it might not be able to.)
Well, you may not be able to write it in C, but BLISS routinely generates
code that is much better than the code that most programmers generate.

Try reading "The Design of an Optimizing Compiler", by William Wulf et al.

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