Oops! Never mind [] and * dilema

Jordan K. Hubbard jordan at greipa.UUCP
Thu Apr 25 11:57:54 AEST 1985

A little while ago I posted an answer to someone's question
about an array of functions returning pointers to ints. In that
article I also started griping about differences in the way
some compilers regarded * and [] in declarations. Unfortunatly,
the examples I gave would have an identical effect on any compiler. *BARF*!
My examples were very much incorrect, please don't kill me. My brain
is on loan to the smithsonian. Now if I could only remember the correct
examples! (I'll keep working on it).
				Jordan K. Hubbard
				@ Genstar Rental Electronics.
				Palo Alto, CA.
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                Sorry, I just can't think of anything cute.

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