AT&T 7300 C Compiler/variable name lengths

Marcus Hand mgh at hou5h.UUCP
Wed Apr 17 08:22:57 AEST 1985

Oh dear, back to this old question again.
If you want your software to run on version 7, Xenix 3, System III
etc, etc, as well as SysVr2 and 4.2 BSD, one has to, unfortunately,
restrict oneself to making variables unique in the first 7 characters.
(ie one fewer on Vaxen than 3Ben).	Of course,  its much nicer not
to have to bother with these niceties (and generally results in more
readable code) but we're stuck with an awful lot of sites who either
choose not to or cannot afford to run the more recent versions with
their fancy assembler/compilers.

Life's hard, you know.
			Marcus Hand	(hou5h!mgh)

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