Vectorizing C compiler for the Cray

Ed Nather nather at utastro.UUCP
Fri Apr 5 01:05:41 AEST 1985

>>A committee at LLNL has studied the language and its suitability for numerical
>>work and is implementing the full C language with one minor modification.
>>In order to have compatibility with Fortran all subroutine parameters will
>>be passed by address. A small price to pay for good floating point performance
>>don't you think?
> No.  What you have after that modification is no longer C.  To wit, K&R
> has a *whole section* (#1.8, on page 24) titled "Arguments - Call by
> Value". 
> Ken Montgomery  "Shredder-of-hapless-smurfs"

I agree.  It sounds like the work of a committee, all right.  They should
stick to something safe, like designing horses.

Maybe you could call the new language C-minus.

Ed Nather
Astronony Dept, U of Texas @ Austin

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