Table of Contents for The C Journal, V1N1

Buckaroo Banzai david at infopro.UUCP
Thu Apr 4 16:09:07 AEST 1985

Quite a few people contacted me for information about The C Journal
after the original posting appeared. Many were on the Arpanet or at
seemingly impossible-to-reach sites, and I was not able to return their
mail even after trying several paths. If you sent mail to me without
response, I am not ignoring you! If you need more information, please contact
me through more usual channels at the US Mail address below. Thanks
for understanding.
          Dave Fiedler
{harpo,astrovax,whuxcc,clyde}!infopro!dave    People Phone: (201) 989-0570
USMail: InfoPro Systems, 3108 Route 10, Denville, NJ 07834
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