Little known computer languages

Will Fuller will at anasazi.UUCP
Thu Apr 4 06:02:17 AEST 1985

This is dedicated to the brave men that go down to the chips in C.

PORKTRAN - This language developed at Iowa State University uses
statements rejected by other compilers. It is most noted for
its PIG-LET assignments and HERESUEYSUEY subroutine calls.
The language is excellant at finding roots
(indeed any mounted tapes must have a Root Protect Ring installed
to disable PORKTRAN from damaging data). The unkosher language
has no syntax errors and compiler output is sold by the pound.
Even a novice PORKTRAN programmer can bring home the bacon.

CSIC - this language borrows the best features of BASIC and C.
Its only data type is float, and I/O buffers require frequent
flushing. One undesireable side effect is that even the hardiest
of computers will dump their core. Compiler output is best redirected
over a rail when running on a DEC.

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