Posting answers to questions

Ramon M. Alonso ray at sdencore.UUCP
Sat Apr 27 08:28:08 AEST 1985

> The point is that everyone who found the bug/problem did not need
> to post the answer to the net.  I answered the fellow, but I did it
> with mail.  Why? Two reasons:
> 	(1)	Mail keeps system and news loads down
> 	(2)	The original poster is bound to post a follow-up
> 		article if the problem is general enough.
> Mail over News.  Its like Phone versus Radio.  If the President asked
> a question during his weekly radio address, you would answer by phone, 
> not by buying radio time. (And let's not get into a political discussion!)

Political discussion!  What about the 'n' users who wish to see the answers.
	It turns out that some of us 'n' users would like to see the answers
	posted on the News net, it gives the 'n' user different avenues to chose
	from. It may be the case that the 'n' users may have the same problem,
	and posting answers gives the solution.
	Different stokes, for different folks. Your not the king of the jungle!

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