David Sherman dave at lsuc.UUCP
Tue Apr 23 04:41:12 AEST 1985

I was fixing some year-old CAI code just now, and spotted
the following, which obviously resulted from a   s/,/+1,/
which I didn't check too carefully:

	printf("\n\nQUESTION %d of %d:\n"+1, sp-s85facts+1, maxquests);

Naturally, the C compiler didn't complain, since it's perfectly
legal C. Lint passes it too; and I'd never noticed that my
output was missing its first newline!

Dave Sherman
{utzoo pesnta nrcaero utcs hcr}!lsuc!dave
{allegra decvax ihnp4 linus}!utcsri!lsuc!dave

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