Bob Webber WEBBER at
Thu Dec 5 16:02:58 AEST 1985

>I do agree with the stated goal that programs should be portable.
>It just isn't clear to me how to accomplish this when the output
>device isn't constrained to be compatible with a printing terminal
>or (perhaps) cursor-addressible CRT.

actually how to accomplish this is the issue that is addressed by most
graphics standards.  using a standard like GKS will go a long ways
toward solving this problem, but, like everything, at a price that
many won't want to pay.  this is the crux of the portability issue:
different architectures and operating systems make different
cost/benefit assumptions and people that use the machines end up
making similar assumptions only to get burned when they move to a
different machine.  actually, instead of making programs portable,
people should make programming easier.

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