Is C++ C?

P. D. Guthrie pdg at ihdev.UUCP
Fri Dec 13 01:34:22 AEST 1985

In article <653 at bonnie.UUCP> tk at bonnie.UUCP (Tom Kirk) writes:
>In article <4685 at alice.UUCP> bs at alice.UucP (Bjarne Stroustrup) writes:
>>Should this one go unanswered?
>>Do we want a net.lang.c++?
>>Do we want to state our claim to be C?
>'d like to see C++ have its own group, if for no other reason than so
>that I can avoid having to filter through net.lang.c; the group should
>concentrate on the functionality in C++ which is a superset of C.  (I
>think C++ can maintain its "C" character outside of net.lang.c on its
>own merit). Is C++ widespread enough outside of AT&T to justify a
>netwide newsgroup?

We at ATT sites already have our own newsgroup (as I know the above are
aware of), and there have already been some meaningful discussions in
the it.  If non-ATT sites wish to get in on a good thing, or if you are
just interested in seeing discussion on the fine points of a brilliant
and versatile `new' language please post to and tell
them.  It has already been demonstrated that there is enough discussion,
and that the net.lang.c people do not want it in that newsgroup.  I am
just a novice in C++, and there is noone around here that I know of to
ask questions of, so I would like to stimulate as much discussion as
possible in order to learn more myself.
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