Brain Damage

Joseph S. D. Yao jsdy at hadron.UUCP
Sun Dec 1 00:41:06 AEST 1985

Faron (RDS) does not include attributions, but I know that ">>" is
cottrell at NBS.

In article <403 at faron.UUCP> bs at faron.UUCP (Robert D. Silverman) writes:
>> > The problem is really the brain damage among UNIX hackers that  assumes
>> > sizeof(int) == sizeof (char *).  ...
>> Sorry, but some of us *like* it that way. ...
>Sorry again but if you look closely at the way the 68000 does arithmetic
>you quickly realize (not the 68020!!!) that it IS a 16 bit machine disguised
>as a 32 bit machine. ...

Look, those of you who are new to this discussion: it has already
been incontrovertibly shown that cottrell at nbs is one of those
irremediably brain-damaged people who think that all computers
should look like VAXen.  He's even shown VMS-loving tendencies.
So, let's not waste net time trying to shout him down, eh?
Jim, if you want to flame me, let's do it privately, eh?

	Joe Yao		hadron!jsdy at seismo.{CSS.GOV,ARPA,UUCP}

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