"C Efficiency Pack" from Figure Flow Ltd.

Morris M. Keesan keesan at bbncca.ARPA
Sat Dec 7 05:59:02 AEST 1985

Has anyone had any experience with the "C Efficiency Pack" sold by
Figure Flow Ltd., of Hadleigh, England?  This is a collection of tools for
PC DOS, including the C Browser, the Program Tuning Kit, and C-DOC.

If you have anything good or bad to report about these tools, please send
mail to Audrey Mack, ihnp4!bbncca!amack or decvax!bbncca!amack (uucp)
or amack at bbn-spca.arpa or amack at spca.bbn.com (Internet).
Morris M. Keesan
keesan @ BBN-UNIX.ARPA

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