Small-c for TI99 computer available

Michal Jaegermann mj at myrias.UUCP
Thu Dec 19 06:05:56 AEST 1985


Yes, this is true. You may have small-c on your TI99 computer (some
people are still running those critters - strange, isn't it ). 

Recently I got a disk entitled C99REL1. This is really a well-known Ron
Cain's small-c rewritten for TI99 computer by Clint Pulley from
Burlington, Ontario. Well, this is the SMALL c - as you should expect.
A non-optimizing single pass comppiler which produces an assembler
source file. An assembled object file requires, in order to run, a 
loading of an object file CSUP (provided).
Supported are variables of types char and int, pointers, one-dimensional
arrays, functions with a constant number of arguments returning "int"
values, strings. For program control you have if ... ; , 
if ... else ... ; , while ... ; , break; , continue; , return; , 
return expression; , null statement   and  { .... }.
Syntax conforms to a C standard though not all operators are supported.
Names of any length but only first 6 characters are recognized.
Libraries nearly do not exixt as for now (compiler was released only
On the released disk you will find the compiler itself (program format),
documentation and manual, some examples (an infamous sieve benchmark),
stdio file, file i/o and console i/o libraries, and some programmer
support tools (errors and conversion to program format). It fills up
rather tightly a standard SSSD diskette. The autor promisses, if the
compiler will catch up, a future expansion of the compiler, to include 
a bigger subset of c, and also new libraries (printf would be nice).
My comments: 
The compiler seems to work. I have it only a couple of days and had not
much of time to play with it. Actually it appears to work rather well
and faster then I expected (maybe I was not expecting too much :-) ).
Accordingly to author it at least can compile itself (2000+ lines of
code). I cannot verify this since I do not have a source. Anyway it
looks like a good job and it is a public domain. 

If you are interested - please contact the author and send him a
self-addressed mailer with a formatted as SSSD (!!) disk and a return
postage. An address is:
	 Clint Pulley
	 38 Townsend Avenue
	 Burlington, Ontario
	 Canada  L7T 1Y6

	 Source acc#: STC TI7395

Please remember - I have no associations with the author whatsoever and
I am afraid that I cannot now tell you more than just told. Hope that
you will enjoy c on your faithful TI99.
Michal Jaegermann
Myrias Research Corporation
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada      ...ihnp4!alberta!myrias!mj

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