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David Herron, NPR Lover david at ukma.UUCP
Wed Dec 4 14:50:52 AEST 1985

In article <363 at codas.UUCP> mikel at codas.UUCP (Mikel Manitius) writes:
>> david at ukma.UUCP (David Herron, NPR Lover) /  5:42 pm  Nov 22, 1985 */
>> Everybody I've shown this program to has *groaned* and complained
>> about what a nasssty program it was...
>> I think it's *cute*!
>> [ ... some nasty C code ... ]
>			G R O A N !!

Aw cmon!!! I wanted to know *WHY* people were groaning!!!

So far the only reasonable complaint I've seen is that it won't work
in the general case (though it did work in the specific).  And the
best solution I've seen is this Lex program:

>From cbosgd!seismo!ut-sally!shell!graffiti!peter Tue Nov 26 04:55:18 1985
>ROUTE		{ printf("\nROUTE"); }
>.		{ printf("%s", yytext); }

Which eventually led me to think that the my program itself could be
fixed using ungetc() at appropriate places.

Or is the problem just religious differences?
David Herron,  cbosgd!ukma!david, david at UKMA.BITNET.

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