Wanted: Interpretor/Compiler for C

Mark Reynolds mark at aoa.UUCP
Sun Dec 1 10:24:17 AEST 1985

We are looking for a development tool for the C language that would
have the property enjoyed by most implementations of the Lisp language:
it should have the ability to compile statements entered on the fly
(i.e., interactively ), as well as the ability to subsequently compile
such code for more rapid execution.  This would also include the ability
to perform incremental loads of object modules or libraries, and dynamic
linking.  I know this subject has been covered one or more times in these
newsgroups;  I apologize if this is repeating an old topic.  The target
environment would be Masscomp(tm) systems ( running version 2.2A ).  We will
port, of course, if such code only runs elsewhere.  Public domain,
experimental code,  and commercial code are all ok.  If there are
any of you out there working on such an object, please let us know also.
Please reply to me by mail;  I would digest responses and summarize to the
net, if the volume warrants it.  Thank you in advance.
Mark Reynolds @ ( Adaptive Optics Associates )
{ ihnp4 | linus | decvax | ima } ! bbncca ! aoa ! mark

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