Comments on this program please...

Arthur David Olson ado at elsie.UUCP
Sun Dec 8 07:24:36 AEST 1985

: Some things were not meant to be programmed in C, and this is one of them.
: Followups to this article are being directed to net.unix.
: N.B.  no provision has been made here for occurrences of a slash in word. 

case $# in
	0|1)	echo "`basename $0`: usage is `basename $0` word file ..." 1>&2
		exit 1 ;;



case $#$1 in
	1-)	exec sed "/$word/s//\\
&/g" ;;
	*)	exec sed "/$word/s//\\
&/g" "$@" ;;

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Word is a Microsoft trademark.
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