Proline C

William L. Rupp rupp at tetra.UUCP
Thu Dec 5 02:50:43 AEST 1985

I recently bought the C compiler for the Commodore 64 put out by Proline.  The
package looks very good, but I have not had any luck in compiling even a
very short program such as the following:

/* a sample program */

#include <stdio.h>


printf("This is a test.");


The documentation speaks about the compiler and then the linker, but does not
indicate how a simple single function program like the one above is changed
from an object file (assuming that I could successfully compile the source) to
an executable program.  The documentation seems to assume that two or more
object files will always be linked together.

I would appreciate information from anyone familiar with Proline C.  I        
appologize if my beginner's questions seem simplistic.

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