ed gokhman esg at mtx5a.UUCP
Tue Dec 31 09:06:26 AEST 1985


I just recently started reading this newsgroup. I have a
few questions:

1. ANSI supposed to come up with C standard at the end of 85.
   I understand that it did not happen. What is the latest
   info on it ? Where can I obtain a copy of their draft ?

2. IEEE was working on their own C standard at one point.
   What is the latest from them and how to obtain any
   material on this subject ?

3. Are there any recent publications on AT&T internal
   C standard ?

In addition, I have a few questions on the upcoming
ANSI standard:

a. How was the type equivalence resolved? According to
   Rosler's article in BSTJ - 84 it is name equivalence.
   According to Gahani ("Advanced C", 1985) it is
   structural equivalence.

b. Is a pointer to void pointer to anything, like
   it is done in C++ ?

c. Did aggregate's assignment statement make it into the
   ANSI standard (draft) ?

d. Is specification of function's formal parameters
   in declaration required by ANSI draft ?

Finally, what are the good books/articles on the
new standard(s) ?

			Thanx in advance,
				Ed Gokhman

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