ANSI C grammar, 11/12/84 draft, posted to mod.sources

Arnold Robbins arnold at gatech.CSNET
Sat May 11 04:00:27 AEST 1985

Due to popular demand on the part of people wishing to write C compilers,
I have reposted the Yacc and Lex descriptions of the 11/12/84 draft of
ANSI C to the mod.sources news group.  Without a terrible amount of work,
this grammar can be changed to describe regular C.  Note that a new draft
has come out since the one from which this grammar was taken.  These
descriptions were done by my office mate, Jeff Lee (gatech!jeff).

Both net.sources and mod.sources are forwarded into the UNIX-SOURCES at BRL
arpanet mailing list.  Arpanauts who don't already have someone at their
site subscribing to this list probably should; a lot of nifty stuff comes
over it.  On the other hand, only one person at a site should subscribe;
articles tend to be very big.


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