C names

R. Curtis Jackson rcj at burl.UUCP
Sat May 25 06:06:49 AEST 1985

> What is C?  K&R?  Harbison&Steele?  The ANSI standard?
> 	From: shawn at mit-eddie.UUCP (Shawn McKay)
> 	Subject: C names
> 	Date: 21 May 85 19:43:52 GMT
> 	... why don't you change the name
> 	of the language? What berkeley folks use IS NOT C as is documented
> 	by the K&R book.
> Neither, of course, is any other commonly used C implementation.
> Seems to me we've been over this ground too often before.

I just came back from C-day at Murray Hill yesterday, and many
of my fears about the new ANSI standardization have been allayed;
they've stuck very closely to K&R in most respects.  More I cannot
say because of proprietary rules (I don't know how much of the day
was proprietary but I'll feel better assuming it was all such).

I'm hoping that the ANSI standard will be adopted without a lot of
fuss - it'll be nice to have a (good) standard.

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