ugliness in scanf(3)

Carl Lowenstein cdl at mplvax.UUCP
Wed May 15 13:58:35 AEST 1985

In article <687 at burl.UUCP> geoff at burl.UUCP (geoff) writes:
>how about the bottom of page 2 of scanf documentation (V5.2)--
>"Scanf conversion terminates at EOF, at the end of the control string, or
>when an input character conflicts with the control string.  In the latter
>case, the offending character is left unread in the input stream."
>I can only surmise that you have a different version of the manual --
>it does seem quite clear.
>	geoff sherwood

You're right.  It is quite clear.  Unfortunately, it isn't in the 4.2BSD
manual, the v7 manual, the Decus manual.  Since I have all these and SVR2
too in different places, it's easy to get confused.  I wish I could find
the original stdio document from v6 to see whether that sentence got
dropped along the way, or was recently added to prevent people like me
from provoking discussions unnecessarily.

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