Question of Ignorance

Dataspan Inc dsi at unccvax.UUCP
Fri May 17 01:30:53 AEST 1985

     I think it was rather appropriate, if you had read the original 
posting, you would have seen that it concerned the Alcyon Corporation
MC68000 cross-compiler, a product which does, in fact, purport to 
generate MC68000 object code that can be (and often is) run on 
MC68000 processors.

     Not everyone who reads (or gets, or is aware of) net.lang.c may
be mildly interested in the (bug) (feature), particularly if they make
their living (writing)(manufacturing)(selling) using such cross development
tools for the MC68000. 


David Anthony
Senior Analog Engineer
DataSpan, Inc.

P.S. This is not aimed at the 43 other people who responded in interesting
     ways to the original posting. Thanks for the replies...


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