Casting call

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Sat May 18 01:45:41 AEST 1985

>This discussion has brought up another point -- somebody posted an example
>where he casted a lhs, and somebody pointed out that you can't do that.
>What I am wondering is, why can't you? There seem to be no semantic problems
>involved, and it can be very useful for something like:
>#define FREE(ptr)	 free(char *) ptr); (char *) (ptr) = (char *) -1;

There are indeed problems with this.  What if you're on a machine
where char * is 32 bits, but int * is only 16 bits?

What you really want is a "typeof" operator:

#define FREE(ptr)     {  free((char *) ptr); ptr = (typeof ptr) NULL;  }

Unfortunately, this doesn't exist either.  :-(

			Gary Ansok

"All the world loves a straight man."

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