Lattice \"C\" Problem

Pawka PAWKA at nosc-tecr.ARPA
Sat May 4 08:09:56 AEST 1985

	Has anyone seen a problem like this with Lattice "C", Version
2.14 running under MS-DOS version 2.13? A file opens o.k. with fopen,
stuff gets stored and fclose gives a good return code, but when I examine
the file using 'dir', it has 0K. It only happens sometimes (Of course!).
Reminds me of a problem I had with a supersoft compiler until I finally
discovered you had to set a dynamic memory variable, even though you
weren't using it, before that the program gave different results at different
times. Thanks for any help anyone can give,

	This gets old, you pay $X00.00 for these programs, they come with
a disclaimer of any responsibility for any warranties, and they're full
of bugs. Then you read on the net, "I can't see why anyone would pirate
software"!! Phew, I feel better already....


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