read the manual ; it didn't help, can you?

luscher at nicmad.UUCP luscher at nicmad.UUCP
Fri May 17 04:42:38 AEST 1985

> Like flakes of dandruff, no 2 versions of the UNIX manual are alike.  Let us
> not berate someone for not reading what he does not have.

	I was trying to create my first shell script in file 'nic':

echo print graph\?
set ans = $<
if ( $ans == 'y' ) then
	echo do something useful

	When I entered 'nic' to a (csh) prompt I read:

print graph?
nic: syntax error at line 3: `newline' unexpected

	Two days later, after reading some shell scripts acorss the
nes (thanks everyone!) I managed to get the proper response by,
(are you ready?) inserting a line at the top of file 'nic', which
contained solely the character '#'.  On our 4.2bsd system the 
command 'man csh' produces a manual which doesn't mention the '#'
character.  From the examples on the net I deduced that '# ' is
a comment and '#! ' is a shell command request.  Have I erred?
What in the #$%& is going on???
	Thanks for your help.

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