Need 286 "C" benchmark (FLAME!)

Seth H Zirin seth at megad.UUCP
Thu May 23 23:52:27 AEST 1985

> I just love the contact sport of "combative benchmarking".  I note how
> the source code for the Hofstader (sp?) benchmark just accidentally
> happens to declare its register variables from the least-used to the
> most used, the opposite of normal C convention.  And by coincidence,
> there are three of those little hummers... and we're comparing a
> 68K with >3 regvars against a 286 with only 2!...
> gordon letwin
> microsoft

It would seem to me that the 68K offers more facilities for writing fast
code (e.g. more regvars).  But then, I wouldn't use an Intel uP if it had 100 
registers (sorry Intel :-) ).  If the 68K is a tricycle, what is a 286?
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