Need 286 "C" benchmark

Rick Sellens - Mech. Eng. rsellens at watdcsu.UUCP
Thu May 30 00:36:56 AEST 1985

I think the subject that this discussion is running under says it all.
If you go looking for a benchmark "for the 286" you will select a small
memory program if you are an Intel fan, and a large memory program if
you are a Motorola fan. The flaw lies in trying to select a benchmark
for a machine, rather than an application.

To *reasonably* benchmark anything you need an idea of what the application
will be. A benchmark can then be written to test the particular features
that are important in the expected use. A machine that screams at integer
operations in a small memory space may or may not be any good at doing
floating point work in a large memory space.

Please try to test individual capabilities when you benchmark, and then
report the results as representative of *only* those capabilities. That
way maybe we can start to intelligently answer the questions about what
machines do what things faster than others.

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