Need 286 "C" benchmark

Bob Erickson bob at anwar.UUCP
Wed May 29 06:39:43 AEST 1985

It seems to me that the only arena one can compare chips like the 68000 and
the 32032 are when the code and data size are each less than 64kb.

I'm currently porting a huge application program to the PC/AT and running
into brick walls every day due to the 286 archictecture.

	Things like:

		Can't have staticly declared data total more than 64kb.
		(What does one do with a huge yacc grammar ?)
		I know, this is really compiler dependent, but I haven't
		found a compiler which allows for this.
		I'll probably run 3 times slower than on a 68000 or 32032
		because I have to run with the large model compiler.

		Many compilers don't allow any one data structure (staticly
		or dynamically created) to be larger than 64kb.  Luckily
		Lattice does support this ability while Microsoft 3.0
		doesn't, for instance.

		I have to maintain multiple copies of my common library 
		routines to account for the different memory models i might 
		want to use.

		If i decide to use the mutliple model feature of some 
		compilers, then i have to go around informing the world 
		of what is big and what is little, what is near and what 
		is far.

	When Intel finally comes out with a full 32 bit chip, (From a 
	programmers viewpoint, not the address lines viewpoint) I'm 
	sure their advertising will change real quick, and they'll tell 
	us all how outmoded segment and special purpose registers
	really are.

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